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5-Year BA-MA in Economics

Program Description

The M.A. in economics is oriented towards current and prospective professionals from the U.S. and abroad who seek analytical skills in theoretical and quantitative methods. Students in the program can draw on faculty expertise in international economics, population economics, labor economics, economics history, health economics, experimental economics, microeconomics, econometrics, macroeconomics, economic development, public economics, and environmental/resource economics.

Beyond the knowledge and expertise acquired, students become more competitive in the job market and/or when applying to PhD programs at UH or elsewhere. Former alumni who completed the MA program were admitted to prestigious PhD programs such as Caltech, UC Berkeley, USC, or UT-Austin. Former students of the MA program currently hold private and public sector jobs at several state, national and international institutions.

The current structure of the separate BA and MA programs takes about 6 years to be completed as full time student. The new proposed structure of the joint BA-MA program can be completed in 5 year and is only available for Economic majors at UH.


Five-Year Plan


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