Undergraduate Program Announcements

NEW! ECON 390 Internship Course


How do I get course credit?

  1. Find an Internship
    Find a company that agrees to have you as an intern. In order for it to count towards ECON 390, the internship must have sufficient Economics content.
  2. Find Faculty Supervisor
    Contact an Economics faculty member to be your supervisor for the course. *For Summer 2017, there is only one designated professor (see advisor for info).
  3. Register for ECON 390
    Fill out paperwork with the undergraduate chair before course registration deadline.

For more information, please email adviecon@hawaii.edu or contact the undergraduate chair.

NEW! BA with Quantitative Economics Concentration

We are very excited to announce the New BA track with Quantitative Economics Concentration that will be available starting in Fall 2017!

The Quantitative Economics Concentration will be a new track in addition to the existing BA. The quantitative track is more appealing to STEM students and will better prepare economics majors for graduate school as well as professional careers. The QEC curriculum will provide you with empirical skills that are highly sought-after by employers, and will also give you superior preparation for graduate school.

Quantitative Economics Concentration Requirements

Core Requirements

Additional Requirements

Math Requirements

For more information, please email adviecon@hawaii.edu or contact the undergraduate chair.

NEW! Hybrid Online BA in Economics

The Department of Economics offers a number of courses online, and as a result, 50% or more of the program is available in a hybrid format. The hybrid format provides flexibility for existing students to schedule courses around work and personal commitments.However, students are still required to take at least 3 traditional courses (face-to-face). The hybrid format will also provide an opportunity for former students to complete their degrees after they have left campus.

Course Offered Online:

Please note that not all courses will be offered online every semester.

NEW! Exchange program with Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) in Chengdu, China


The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has over 100 active international exchange programs with about 60 countries. The Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM) has 7 besides UHM, currently hosting about 20 international exchange students per year.

The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is a top university specializing in finance, economics, and business. It is known for its entrepreneurial character and endeavors to address the needs of society through academics and research. Additionally, RIEM offers numerous economics and finance courses taught in English.

For further information, please see the following:


If you are interested, please contact Manoa International Exchange (MIX).

NEW! Combined 5 year BA-MA in Economics

Beginning in Fall 2017, this program will allow current Economics Majors to complete an MA in Economics in one additional year after their BA, by double counting up to 9 credits towards the BA and MA degrees. The minimum number of credits for the combined program will be at least 141 (120 for BA and 21 for MA). Admission to the program will typically be done in the Fall semester of your junior year. Conditional early admissions during your sophomore year, or late admission in your senior year might be possible.

For further information, please see here.