Undergraduate Programs

The UH-Manoa Economics Department strives to offer the best education possible to enable undergraduate students to understand the range of economic challenges facing Hawaii, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region. We offer two undergraduate degree programs: A Major in Economics leading to a B.A. degree and a Minor in Economics. In addition, we offer numerous courses at all levels for students wanting just a taste of economics.

The UH-Manoa Economics Department is a leader among departments focusing on the economies of the Asia-Pacific region. We offer courses on the economies of China, Japan, the Pacific Islands, and Southeast Asia. Our international focus is strengthened by courses in international trade, international finance, global growth and crisis, and economic development.

We have active and growing exchange programs with universities in Japan and Thailand. Most importantly, the cultural diversity of our students and faculty bring a unique international flavor to our program that is unmatched by any economics department in the United States.

Interested in becoming a major or a minor? We recommend that you download and read our Guide to the Undergraduate Program. Then make an appointment to see the Undergraduate Advisor.

  • Want to know more about our undergraduate course offerings? Check out the descriptions of economics courses in the UH-Manoa University Catalog.
  • Did you just declare Economics as your major? Are you still just thinking about it? Either way, we have some important things you should keep in mind about sources of academic support and how to best fit our course offerings to meet your needs.
  • The Department encourages all students taking economics courses to investigate possible sources of financial aid. A great place to begin is to visit the web site of the Financial Aid Office at UH-Manoa.
  • Are you an economics major or minor with a 3.5 GPA in economics and a 3.3 overall GPA? Interested in being a member of an international economics honor society, Omicron Delta Epsilon? Please contact the Undergraduate Advisor for more information.
  • Interested in being an exchange student in Thailand or Japan? Check out our exchange programs with Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand, and Nihon University in Tokyo, Japan.

Economics Honors Track

The Economics Honors Track provides our most highly motivated majors the chance to conduct advanced study and research in close contact with a faculty advisor from the department. Students can join the Economics Honors Track anytime after they are accepted into the UH Manoa Honors Program and have an Economics GPA of 3.3. See the honors track website for more details.

Declare Economics as a Major or Minor

Please follow our guide to declare economics as your Major or Minor, as well as use the following forms to aid you.

Undergraduate Guide BA in Economics program sheet
and sample four year academic plan
Major Declaration Form Minor Declaration Form

Please schedule an appointment with a department advisor by emailing adviecon@hawaii.edu or call 1-808-956-5696.