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Spring Semester, 2003

Course Number
ECON 120 Intro To Economics Orsuwan
ECON 131 sec 002 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics Ching
ECON 300 Intermediate Macroeconomics Bonham
ECON 301 Intermediate Microeconomics: Price Theory Sherstyuk
ECON 301 sec 002 Intermediate Economics: Price Theory
ECON 321
ECON 321 sec 002
Introduction To Statistics Ching
Ching (sec 002)
ECON 340 Financial Markets and Institutions Bonham
ECON 358 Environmental Economics Moncur
ECON 362 The World Trading System Yamamoto
ECON 427 Economics Forecasting Ganges
ECON 450 Public Microeconomics Roumasset
ECON 460 International Trade and Welfare Greaney
ECON 470 Industrial Organization and Public Control of Business Cheng
ECON 620 Microeconomics III Sherstyuk
ECON 660 International Trade and Welfare Greaney
ECON 670 Labor Markets I Lee
ECON 780 New Institutional Economics, History and Globalization La Croix

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