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Working papers

The Working Papers section contains PDF files of recent papers in the Department's working paper series, grouped by calendar year. Working papers are only available in PDF format beginning in 1999.

Papers from previous years are available through our IDEAS archive.

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Working Paper No. Author(s) Title
11-8 Timothy Halliday Health Inequality over the Life-Cycle
11-7 Baybars Karacaovali Turkey: Temporary Trade Barriers as Resistance to Trade Liberalization with the European Union?
11-6 Sun-Ki Chai
Dolgorsuren Dorj
Katerina Sherstyuk
Cultural values and behavior in dictator, ultimatum, trust games: an experimental study
11-5R James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Ordering Renewables: Groundwater, Recycling, and Desalination
11-4 Olga Bogach
Andreas Leibbrandt
An Experimental Study on the Relevance and Scope of Culture as a Focal Point
11-3 Aki Kawaura Corporate Failure, Supply Shocks and government Bailouts: A cas Study of Aloha Airlines
11-2 Katerina Sherstyuk
Nori Tarui
Maja-Leah Ravago
Payment schemes in random-termination experimental games
11-1 Denise Eby Konan
Keith E. Maskus


Working Paper No. Author(s) Title
10-26 F. Gerard Adams
Byron Gangnes
The Employment Effects of Fiscal Policy: How Costly Are ARRA Jobs?
10-25 Christopher Edmonds
Yao Li
10-24R Timothy Halliday
Hui He
Hao Zhang
Health Investment over the Life-Cycle
10-23 Kyle Hampton
Katerina Sherstyuk
Demand Shocks, Capacity Coordination and Industry Performance: Lessons from Economic Laboratory
10-22 Ruben Juarez
Rajnish Kumar
Implementing Efficient Graphs in Connection Networks
10-21 Thomas Kaeo Duarte
Sittidaj Pongkijvorasin
James Roumasset
Daniel Amato
Kimberly Burnett
Optimal Management of a Hawaiian Coastal Aquifer with Near-Shore Marine Ecological Interactions
10-20 Denise Konan Limits to Growth: Tourism and Regional Labor Migration
10-19 Carl Bonham
Calla Wiemer*
Chinese Saving Dynamics: The Impact of GDP Growth and the Dependent Share
10-18 Oscar Becerra
Eduardo Cavallo
Ilan Noy
In the Aftermath of Large Natural Disasters, what happens to foreign aid?
10-17 Hui He
Hao Zhang
A Note on a Rapid Grid Search Method for Solving Dynamic Programming Problems in Economics
10-16R Hui he Why Have Girls Gone to College? A Quantitative Examination of the Female College Enrollment Rate in the United States: 1955-1980
10-15 James Roumasset
Nori Tarui
Governing the Resource: Scarcity-Induced Institutional Change
10-14 Akihiko Kawaura Self-Serving Mayors and Local Government Consolidations in Japan
10-13 James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Optimal Conjuctive Use of Groundwater and Recycled Wastewater
10-12 Nicholas Burger
Gary Charness
John Lynham
Field and Online Experiments on Procrastination and Willpower
10-11 James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Optimal Provision and Finance of Ecosystem Services: Case of Watershed Conservation and Groundwater Management
10-10 F. Gerard Adams
Byron Gangnes
Why Hasn't the US Economic Stimulus Been More Effective? The Debate on Tax and Expenditure Multipliers
10-9 James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Optimal and Sustainable Groundwater Extraction
10-8 Sumner La Croix
Kimberly Burnett
The Impact of Civil Unions on Hawaii's Economy and Government
10-7R Melinda Podor
Tim Halliday
Health Status and the Allocation of Time
10-6 Eduardo Cavallo
Sebastian Galiani
Ilan Noy
Juan Pantano
Catastrophic Natural Disasters and Economic Growth
10-5 Akihiko Kawaura
Sumner La Croix
The Designated Hitter Rule in Baseball as a Natural Experiment
10-4 Byron Gangnes
Ari Van Assche
Global Production Networks in Electronics and Intra-Asian Trade
10-3 James Roumasset Wither The Economics of Agricultural Development?
10-2 Byron Gangnes Alternative Policies for US Economic Recovery
10-1 Kimberly Burnett
Sumner La Croix
The Dog ATE my Economics Homework! Estimates of the Average Effect of Treating Hawaii’s Public High School Students with Economics


Working Paper No. Author(s) Title
09-20R Tim Halliday Intra-Household Labor Supply, Migration, and Subsistence Constraints in a Risky Environment: Evidence from Rural El Salvador
09-19 Eduardo Cavallo
Ilan Noy
The Economics of Natural Disasters — A Survey
09-18 Shawn Arita
Christopher Edmonds
Sumner La Croix
James Mak
The Impact of Approved Destination Status on Chinese Travel Abroad: An Economic Analysis
09-17 James Mak
Christopher Sheehey
Shannon Toriki
The Passenger Vessel Services Act and America’s Cruise Tourism Industry
09-16 Timothy Halliday
Mijung Park
Household Size, Home Health Care, and Medical Expenditures
09-15 Sally Kwak
James Mak
Political Economy of Property Tax Reform: Hawaii’s Experiment with Split Rate Property Taxation
09-14 Andrew Kato
Sumner La Croix
James Mak
Small State, Giant Tax Credits: Hawaii’s Leap into High Technology Development
09-13R James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Renewable Resource Management with Alternative Sources: the Case of Multiple Aquifers and a "Backstop" Resource
09-12 Hui He Why Have Girls Gone to College? A Quantitative Examination of the Female College Enrollment Rate in the United States: 1955-1980
09-11 Hui He What Drives the Skill Premium: Technological Change or Demographic Variation?
09-10 Timothy Halliday
Hui He
Hao Zhang
Health Investment over the Life-Cycle
09-9 Majah-Leah Ravago,
James Roumasset,
Arsenio Balisacan
Economic Policy for Sustainable Growth and Development vs. Greedy Growth and Preservationism
09-8 Timothy Halliday Health Inequality over the Life-Cycle
09-7 Melinda Podor
Timothy J. Halliday
Health Status and the Allocation of Time
09-6 Lee Endress
Sittidaj Pongkijvorasin
James Roumasset
Basharat Pitafi
Impatience and Intergenerational Equity in a Model of Sustainable Growth
09-5 Makena Coffman
Ilan Noy
A Hurricane’s Long-Term Economic Impact: the Case of Hawaii’s Iniki
09-4 Makena Coffman
Ilan Noy
In the Eye of the Storm: Coping with Future Natural Disasters in Hawaii
09-3 Ilan Noy
Tam Bang Vu
The Economics of Natural Disasters in a Developing Country: The Case of Vietnam
09-2 James Roumasset
Christopher Wada
Integrated Management of the South Oahu Aquifer System: A Spatial and Temporal Approach
09-1 Kimberly Burnett
Sumner La Croix
Economic Education’s Roller Coaster Ride In Hawaii, 1956-2006


Working Paper No. Author(s) Title
08-10 Joshua Aizenman
Michael Hutchison
Ilan Noy
Inflation Targeting and Real Exchange Rates in Emerging Markets
08-9 Ilan Noy
Aekkanush Nualsri
Fiscal Storms: Public Spending and Revenues in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters
08-8R Sittidaj Pongkijvorasin,
James Roumasset,
Thomas Kaeo Duarte,
Kimberly Burnett
Renewable Resource Management with Stock Externalities: Coastal Aquifers and Submarine Groundwater Discharge
08-7 Hazel Parcon Labor Market Flexibility as a Determinant of FDI Inflows
08-6 Hazel Parcon Disaggregating PTAs at the Role of International Division of Labor on PTA Formation
08-5 James Roumasset The Political Economy of Corruption: A Philippine Illustration
08-4 Majah-Leah Ravago,
James Roumasset,
Kimberly Burnett
Resource management for SustainableDevelopment of Island Economies
08-3 Geoffrey Heal,
Nori Tarui
Technology diffusion, abatement cost, and transboundary pollution
08-2 Somchai Amornthum
Carl Bonham
Financial Integration in the Pacific Basin Region: RIP by PANIC Attack?
08-1 Tam B. Vu
Byron Gangnes
Ilan Noy
Is Foreign Direct Investment Good for Growth? Evidence from Sectoral Analysis of China and Vietnam

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