University of Hawai‘i-Manoa Dept. of Economics
Forthcoming Articles

Byron Gangnes and Ari van Assche, “Product Modularity and the Rise of Global Value Chains: Insights from the Electronics Industry,” in Elisa Dávalos, ed., Tendencias económicas emergentes en América del Norte. Nuevos patrones en la organización de la producción, to the Centro de Investigaciones sobre América del Norte (CISAN) of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), forthcoming.

Anders Frederiksen, Timothy Halliday, and Alexander Koch, "Within- and Cross-Firm Mobility and Earnings Growth," Industrial Relations and Labor Review, forthcoming.

Akihiko Kawaura and Sumner La Croix, "The Very Short Tenure of Foreign Players in Japanese Professional Baseball, 1951-2004," in John K. Wilson and Richard Pomfret, The Economic History of Professional Sport. Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2016.

Akihiko Kawaura and Sumner La Croix, “Integration of North and South American Players in Japan’s Professional Baseball Leagues, 1958-2004.” International Economic Review, forthcoming.

Inessa Love and Botir Okhunjanov, “Determinants of corporate governance in Russian banks” chapter in The Handbook of Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions, edited by C.A. Mallin, to be published by Edward Elgar.

Selkoe, K.A., T. Blenckner, M.R. Caldwell, L. Crowder, A. Erickson, T. Essington, J. Estes, R. Fujita, B.S. Halpern, M. Hunsicker, C.V. Kappel, R.P. Kelly, J.N. Kittinger, P.S. Levin, John Lynham, M. Mach, R. Martone, L. Mease, A. Salomon, J. Samhouri, C. Scarborough, A. Stier, C. White, J. Zedler (forthcoming), “Principles for Managing Marine Ecosystems Prone to Tipping Points”, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability.

Urban, Daniel, Michael J. Roberts, Wolfram Schlenker, David Lobell. “The Effects of Extremely Wet Planting Conditions on Maize and Soybean Yields." Climatic Change (in press).

Sherstyuk, Katerina; Tarui, Nori; Ravago, Majah-Leah V., Saijo, Tatsuyoshi "Intergenerational Games with Dynamic Externalities and Climate Change Experiments.” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, forthcoming.

Traczynski, Jeffrey. "Personal Bankruptcy and Social Insurance," CESifo Forum, forthcoming.