2017 Job Market Candidates

Placement Director:
Ruben Juarez

Ashley Hirashima CV | Website | ashleysh@hawaii.edu
Fields: Labor, Public, Crime
Paper Title: Ban the Box: The Effects of Information on Labor Market Outcomes
Adviser: Sang-Hyop Lee

Imelda CV | Website | imelda9@hawaii.edu
Fields: Health, Energy, Development
Paper Title: Cooking, Fuel, and Infant Mortality: Evidence from Indonesia
Adviser: Michael Roberts

Hyun-gyu Kim CV | Website | hyungyu@hawaii.edu
Fields: Energy, Environment
Paper Title: Effects of Climate Change on Electricity Consumption: A decomposition of industrial, residential, agricultural and commercial sectors
Adviser: Michael Roberts

Asahi Oshiro CV | Website | asahio@hawaii.edu
Fields: Energy Economics
Paper Title: Understanding Price Response for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Customers: Does Rate Schedule Change Make Customers More Price-Elastic?
Adviser: Nori Tarui