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The Economics Honors students must complete all requirements of the Economics major and Honors Program. Some Economics courses may substitute for required Honors Program courses as detailed below, and thus enable graduation without extra course load.

Requirements and Coursework:

  1. HON 491: Interdisciplinary Junior Honors Seminar(3 credits, W-Writing Intensive)
    (or, by petition, an Economics graduate course)
    This course gives students a graduate-style seminar experience. The classes meet in small groups (twelve maximum) once a week to investigate and discuss an interesting topic from outside the participants' majors. These seminars challenge students by taking them outside the specialized focus of their major and by introducing them to the different ways other majors have of approaching a problem. The emphasis is on student participation, on writing and speaking to the point, on analysis, and on intellectual growth.

  2. Submission of a 10-12 page written research proposal, accompanied by a signed proposal and mentor form. This should be accomplished with at least two full semesters remaining. We highly recommend taking HON 495: Introduction to Research (3 credits, W-Writing Intensive and O-Oral Intensive), which is designed to guide students through the process of writing a research proposal. Students may also take an Economics graduate course designed for this purpose, or 3 credits of “ECON 499: Advanced Directed Research” to write their research proposals.

    This proposal should include an abstract, outline, focused bibliography, and as much preliminary writing (e.g., a review of relevant scholarship) as possible. See the guidelines for the proposal on the Honors website for more information.

  3. HON 494 Honors Workshop (0 credits) This is the companion workshop for the first semester of HON 496 or ECON 499. It is designed to familiarize students with the protocol for independent study with their Faculty mentor, criteria and timeline for the Senior Honors Project, and requires students to submit a detailed plan of research for their HON 496/ECON 499 work.

  4. HON 496: Senior Honors Project(6 credits)
    (may use 3 credits of “ECON 499: Advanced Directed Research”)
    This course is an independent study under the supervision of an Economics faculty advisor selected by the student. The Senior Honors Project is a student's best chance as an undergraduate to dig deeply into a subject that interests him or her. Every year, these projects win a number of the research prizes at UHM; every year some are turned into published articles or policy papers

The Department of Economics also offers “A section” versions of some of the Economics courses: “ECON 130A: Principles of Microeconomics” and ECON 131A: Principles of Macroeconomics” are usually offered every year and additional courses such as “ECON 362A: Trade Policy and Globalization” are offered occasionally. “A section” courses are special sections of regular classes that are reserved for Honors students only. Generally, such courses provide students with a more in-depth and challenging exploration of the course subject matter, rather than covering more material than the non-Honors equivalent.

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