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Evaluation of an Honors Candidacy

HON 491 is letter graded while HON 495 is graded CR/NC. Students will receive overall assessment for HON 495 in the form of a written report at the end of the semester. This evaluation will be submitted to the Honors Program and will be used by the Honors Council, among other materials, in determining the final designation with which students will graduate. Credits for HON 496 are letter graded by the project advisor.

The Senior Honors Project itself is evaluated with written comments by a committee comprised of the Economics faculty advisor and at least two other faculty with the same range of possible designations as in HON 495.

The UH Honors Council reviews the evaluations of the Research course, poster and oral presentations, and the Senior Project as well as the student's GPA and decides the final designation with which the student will graduate: "No Honors," "Honors," "High Honors," or "Highest Honors." This designation appears on a diploma made especially for graduating students. They are also given a special notice in the Commencement Program and a gold cord to wear over their gowns.

The Economics department will also provide a separate documentation noting the student graduated with Honors in Economics with the appropriate designation.

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