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Faculty Listing, 1907-1966

Faculty members who began their employment at the Department of Economics, University of Hawaii at Manoa, between 1907 and 1966 are listed here. Click on each faculty member's name for a brief biography. Former faculty members are invited to submit their own biographies or corrections by email to econ-success@hawaii.edu.

Adams, Romanzo (1920-1934) Cameron, Merton (1931-1950)
Glover, Lee (1948-1958) Gorter, Wytze (1964-1984)
Hoeber, Ralph (N/A) Hoffman, Ron (1963-1967)
Hoflich, Harold (N/A) Hung, Fred (1960-1987)
Ige, Tom (1952-1967)
Kamins, Robert (1947-1977) Mark, Shelley (1955-1962)
Miklius, Walter (1965-1995) Myers, Ramon (1960-1965)
Oshima, Harry (1961-1974)
Sato, Ryuzo (1962-1967) Taylor, William (N/A)
Yeh, Youngher (1965-2002)

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