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Graduate Economics Courses

All courses carry 3 credits except for those designated (V), which carry variable credit at the discretion of the instructor. Courses designated (*) are offered irregularly. Other courses are offered regularly but some less often than once a year. Students should determine as soon as possible during which semesters courses of interest are offered. Courses are described in the University of Hawai'i general catalog.

NumberCourse Name
500Master's Plan B/C Studies
604Microeconomics and Policy Analysis
606Microeconomic Theory I
607Macroeconomic Theory I
608Microeconomic Theory II
609Macroeconomic Theory II
610Economic Development
611Economic Development Policy
614Economic Development of Japan
620Microeconomic Theory III
627Mathematics for Economics
628Quantitative Methods
636Renewable Energy Economics and Policy
637Resource Economics
638Environmental Resource Economics
639Marine Resource Economics
650Theory of Public Finance: Expenditures
651Theory of Public Finance: Revenues
660International Trade & Welfare
662International Monetary Economics
664*Empirical International Finance
670Labor Economics I
672Economics of Population
674*Health Economics and Policy
686Strategic Behavior and Experimental Economics
696VAdvanced Topics in Economics
699VDirected Research
700VThesis Research
730Research Seminar
732Individual Research Project
800VDissertation Research

Special Courses. A student must have the individual faculty supervisor's consent and the graduate chair's approval prior to registration for Econ 699, 700, 732, or 800. Econ 699, 730 and 800 must be taken on a CR/NC (credit or no credit) basis, although in exceptional cases the graduate chair may approve 699 for a letter grade. Econ 732 must be taken for a letter grade to count toward the MA degree.

Selected Undergraduate Courses are available for new graduate students making up deficiencies and for satisfying certain requirements for the MA degree.

NumberCourse Name
300Intermediate Macroeconomics
301Intermediate Microeconomics
311The Economy of Hawai'i
317The Japanese Economy
320Introduction to Tourism Economics
321Introduction to Statistics
322Economics of Global Climate Change
339The Ocean Economy
340Financial Markets and Institutions
342The History of Economic Thought
350Sustainable Development
356Games and Economic Behavior
358Environmental Economics
361Seminar: Women and International Development
362Trade Policy and Globalization
390Internship for Economics
391Cooperative Education
399Directed Reading
410Economic Development
412*Economic Development of the United States
415Asian Economic Development
416The Chinese Economy
418Pacific Island Economies
420*Mathematical Economics
425*Introduction to Econometrics
427Economic Forecasting
429Spreadsheet Modeling for Business and Economic Analysis
430Economics of Human Resources
432Economics of Population
434Health Economics
440Monetary Theory and Policy
450Public Finance
452State and Local Finance
458Project Evaluation and Resource Management
460International Trade and Welfare
461International Monetary Economics
470Industrial Organization
476Law and Economics
495*Land & Housing Economics
496*Topics in Contemporary Economic Problems
499Advanced Directed Research