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Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions to the UH Economics Graduate Program

IMPORTANT: Graduate Program Application Deadline Is Now JANUARY 15 FOR ALL STUDENTS.

  1. What is the application deadline?

    January 15 for the following Fall semester. This applies both to foreign and U.S. resident applicants.

  2. Can I apply for Spring semester admission?

    No. Because of our course schedule, we do not normally accept students to the Spring semester.

  3. Is the GRE required?

    Yes, we require that all applicants submit official Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. Applicants should take the general test. The subject test is optional. If you come from a country where the GRE is not offered, please contact us for more information.

  4. What are the minimum University requirements for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)?

    The UH minimum requirement is 500 on the paper exam or 173 on the computer version.

  5. Can I use IELTS test results instead of the TOEFL?

    Yes. For the IELTS, the minimum score is 5.00 for the overall band test results. There are somewhat higher requirements for awarding of teaching assistantships.

  6. Are there any exceptions to the TOEFL requirement?

    If you have attended a university that uses English as the instructional language, then our University will exempt you from the TOEFL requirement.

  7. What kind of financial aid does the Department offer? What are other funding sources?

    The most important sources for funding for our graduate students are East-West Center fellowship programs and Asian Development Bank fellowship programs, both administered by the East-West Center here in Honolulu. Their application deadline is November 1 for the following academic year. In our department, we also award a limited number of Graduate (Teaching) Assistantships. These are awarded to continuing and new students on a competitive basis. Competition for all aid awards is keen, and not all of our incoming students are funded.

    If you are interested in applying for a Graduate Assistantship, please download the necessary form from our website at http://www.economics.hawaii.edu/graduate/graduate.html.

  8. Where can I get application forms?

    You may download all the forms that you need from the department web site at the link above.

  9. Where should I send my application materials?

    We ask that certain materials go to the Graduate Division of the University and others come directly to the Department. See Application Procedures for details. Note, however, that if you are applying for an East-West Center Fellowship, then ALL materials are to be sent to the East-West Center.

  10. Can you tell me my likelihood of being admitted?

    No. We cannot tell you based only on test scores and grade average your likelihood of being admitted to our program or receiving financial aid. Our admissions committee will consider these along with your letters of recommendation, your Statement of Objectives, and your complete academic record.

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