Graduate Program & Overview

We are now accepting applications for graduate study in Economics.

  • Graduate applications for East-West Center scholarship are due NOVEMBER 1!
  • All other applications are due January 15.
  • Application Guideline

Research and Teaching Areas

The graduate program of the Department of Economics is designed for students from across the globe who wish to acquire theoretical and quantitative skills for use in careers in government, academia, research, or business.  The Department provides one of the world’s leading programs specializing in the economies of the Asia-Pacific region.  Graduate students receive an outstanding and challenging education in economic theory, econometrics, and public policy applications.  Our program offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees and admits students to both programs.  The department has a close working relationship with the East-West Center, a federal research and educational institution that specializes in the Asia-Pacific region and is located on the University of Hawaii campus.

Our location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, our proximity to the East-West Center, and our multicultural graduate student body provide us with a natural comparative advantage in studying the structure and public policies of Asia-Pacific economies. Click through the links to the upper left to see complete information about our programs, including application procedures; academic preparation necessary for admission; tuition, fees, and financial support; graduate courses offered by the department; the graduate student body; and funding opportunities.

The Department of Economics

The Department of Economics is one of 14 academic units in the College of Social Sciences, which in turn is one of four Colleges of Arts and Sciences. The department is housed on the fifth floor of Saunders Hall, a building shared by a number of social science departments and programs. As of September 2008, the department enrolls some 195 undergraduate majors and 59 graduate students. Since introducing a graduate program in the 1960s, the department has awarded over 190 doctoral and 300 master's degrees. Ph.D. and M.A. alumni of the department have successful careers as faculty members at major universities, entrepreneurs, and government policy experts in a variety of settings and institutions, especially in Asia and the Pacific. Faculty research interests make possible graduate field specializations with regional emphasis in the Asia-Pacific region. Resident faculty and visitors regularly present seminars and have established fruitful associations with prominent economic research institutions in the United States, Asia, and the Pacific, including the Asian Development Bank, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the World Bank, and various universities throughout the world.