Recent Publications

Paper Link Xiaojun Wang and Chi-Young Choi: Discontinuity of Output Convergence Within the United States: Why Has the Course Changed?, Economic Inquiry, January 2015.

Paper Link Miriam Bruhn and Inessa Love: The Real Impact of Improved Access to Finance: Evidence from Mexico, Journal of Finance, June 2014

Paper Link Ronald Lee, Andrew Mason, and members of the NTA network : Is Low Fertility Really a Problem? Science, 10 October 2014.


Date: Wedmesday, May 4, 2016, at 3 p.m.
Room: Saunders 515
Title: Benchmarking
Speaker: Alan Miller
Institution: Northwestern University

We introduce a theory of ranking sets of accomplishments in the presence of objectively incomparable marginal contributions (apples and oranges). Our theory recommends benchmarking, a method under which an individual is deemed more accomplished than another if and only if she has achieved more benchmarks, or important accomplishments. We show that benchmark rules are characterized by four axioms: transitivity, monotonicity, incomparability of marginal gains, and incomparability of marginal losses. The latter two properties are local, and hence we endogenously derive a concept of a global, objective good, which we call a benchmark.

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