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Recent Publications

Paper Link Han, H., Julien, B., Petursdottir, A., & Wang, L. : Equilibrium using credit or money with indivisible goods, Journal of Economic Theory, November 2016.

Paper Link Fuleky, P., and Ventura, L.: Mean Lag in General Error Correction Models, Economics Letters, June 2016

Paper Link Kirwan, B. E., & Roberts, M. J. : Who Really Benefits from Agricultural Subsidies? American Journal of Agricultural Economics, June 2016.


Date: Friday, April 21, 2017 at 3 p.m.
Room: Saunders 515
Title: Targeting with In-Kind Transfers: The Case of Medicaid Home Care
Speaker: Lee Lockwood
School: Northwestern University

Many of the most important government programs make transfers in kind as opposed to in cash. Making transfers in kind has the obvious cost that recipients would at least weakly prefer cost-equivalent cash transfers. But making transfers in kind can have benefits as well, including better targeting transfers to desired recipients. In this paper, we exploit large-scale randomized experiments run by three state Medicaid programs to investigate this central tradeoff for in-kind provision. Despite the large distortion from the in-kind provision of formal home care, the benefit from better targeting transfers to high-marginal utility types appears to be even greater. This highlights an important cost of recent policy reforms that move toward more flexible, cash-like benefits.